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Make The Most Out of Your Ventilation

Topcool has been dedicated to helping our clients with their success on dairy, swine, and poultry farms by designing and manufacturing high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective products.

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The New

Direct Drive

We designed the new Cyclone direct drive fan to offer the cleanest environment for the livestock. Besides, it helps reduce heat stress during warm days. It also creates a uniform temperature combined with a lower relative humidity inside during colder seasons. 



The Power of Lighting System on Healthy Herd Biological Clock and Dairy Production

With the help of efficient full spectrum LED lights, you will be able to obtain up to 8%-10% of increased milk production per cow.


When Soaking Lines

Work With Ventilations

Soaking lines are the swimming pools or cold showers you take to cool yourself, but on a larger scale for cows.

6 Crucial Matters You Must Consider Before Getting Some "Cool" Fans

Never assume that two fans of equal size will perform the same. Fans from different manufacturers may act differently.

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