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Topcool's controls are specially designed to operate every set-up possible of your farm. Our device is the brain of your business, by setting it up on your temperature requirement, it will do the rest automatically. The control adapts itself instantaneously when the temperature change, giving more power to the fans or slowing them down if needed. With the help of the control, you can get the perfect combination with mechanical ventilation and our cooling accessories as Misting, Soaking, Ionsavior, and Lights. 




Each control can save you time and energy cost all year long. It is easy to understand and control. You have the choice of managing it on your phone or the integrated touch screen or let it run on its factory data. While saving energy, our controls extend the life of your motors by starting them slowly. If you already have a climate computer installed, you can hookup Topcool controls by using the 0-10V input connection.



Our controls can be utilized for a dairy, poultry, goats, swine, etc. By either connecting inside temperature sensors(max 2) and/or in combination with an optional relative humidity sensor, you can run every fan entirely automatically based on the requirements of your needs.


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THI control topcool

THI 1.0

The THI 1.0 calculate the THI (temperature humidity index) and answer to the measurement of the humidity and ambient air with the best possible outcome for your farm. When it gets too cold, the control system can stop the fan, so it heats up and makes sure to be perfect. It also controls the pulse/pause time for our soaking system or spray cooling system. However, the THI 1.0 only controls the recirculation fans.


THI 2.0

The THI 2.0 has the same features as the THI 1.0 but also can control the light's intensity with the help of the light sensor. It can also monitor, in addition to the recirculation fan, the exhaust fans.




The TFD frequency controller is directly controllable from the climate computer, but can also run on its own. There are many functionalities in this, for example including correction based on outside temperature.


The TFD has many advantages like a reliable motor operation, it has an extended motor life, and the motor doesn't need to be specially equipped for the TFD. It comes fully furnished, no additional filters or chokes required. 

TFD control topcool for ventilation

Download TFD here

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