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What is CYCLONE?

Cyclone fans had been designed initially almost 20 years ago to “break” the barrier where heavy cold air meets the lighter warm air in natural ventilated dairy barns. This problem occurs mainly in countries with freezing outside temperatures. During the summer season, this high-velocity ventilator offers the optimum cow cooling to resolve the expense that heat stress occurs. During winter season on low speed, this innovative ventilator de-stratifies air inside the barn.

How can CYCLONE help me?

We designed the Cyclone fan to offer the cleanest environment for the livestock. Besides, it helps reduce heat stress during warm days. It also creates a uniform temperature combined with a lower relative humidity inside during colder seasons. A cyclone can also be used in systems where destratification is needed.

Different configurations are available:

It can either be used with one direction jet stream or, you can redirect them in 2 directions by reversing the bottom deflectors mounting bracket and put the fan horizontally. 


  • We use special bearings to guarantee a smooth operation with a low noise production

  • Easy assembly on-site as all holes are pre-drilled 


  • Will reduce your heating and cooling cost up to 50%


We only use parts made from non-corrosive material to make sure they are suitable to use in the hardest agricultural conditions.

Accessories & Options

VHV55- Cyclone55 sideview



Topcool cyclone recirculation fan 72 dairy



Topcool cyclone recirculation fan 84 dairy



  • All motors configurations 1 or 3 phases IE3, and IE4 are available


  • The entire fan can meet the electric regulation of CE and CSA certification


  • Nylon or Aluminum blades

  • Available in Belt-drive and Direct-drive version

What Do Real Farmers Say?

"No suffering & no production losses"

​"In June 2017, I finally installed these fans, including the Topcool TFD-solution. Although this solution was a little bit more expensive than most other products, the results on milk production and reproduction are perfect. According to my calculations, these positive overall results ensured a return-on-investment in less than 1 year after installation. Even when outside temperatures had been above 30°C, my cows didn’t suffer, and I experienced no production losses."  

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