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Exhaust fan 84'' Direct Drive+ Nylon blades

Topcool Exhaust fan has proven their quality over the years in numerous farms all over the world. Not only by being approved with international technical tests and safety certificates, but also in being a very durable product, providing a perfect solution with very low operational costs. . 

In most farms, exchanging air is a must-have to keep the animals alive. Toxic gasses like NH3, CO2, must be removed and fresh air must be introduced. This will allow your incoming air to be controlled and will also ensure that the air exchange is at the right requirements for your livestock. We offer a wide variety of GF-series to answer every farm's needs. 

What does an Exhaust Fan really do?

As ventilation is one of the most critical parts of any intensive livestock operation, it is essential that your exhaust fans meet the highest standards, not only for the air exchange capacity at various static pressure (Pa) points, but especially the quality, reliability, durability and low service intervals of our fans that make it

the best choice for you.

We designed our FRP cones to guarantee the best air performance throughout the entire static pressure range.

All our Exhaust Fans come with a self-closing shutter and a protection guard.

Our Motors and Bearings are developed to ensure the lowest maintenance with the highest quality of noise reduction.

All our fans are fully tested in our factory (electrical & mechanical) before shipping.

Sizes available



GF12C-no cone- SIDE LEFT VIEW.png



GF55B-asm prt_Right.png



GF84DD prt_Right.png

Download Exhaust Fan here

Accessories & Options

  • All motors configurations in IE3 and IE4 are available


  • The entire fan can meet the electric regulation of CE and CSA certification


  • Guards or supports material may be galvanized steel or SST 304 on request




  • Available in Belt-drive and Direct-drive version


What do real

farmers say?

"A perfect healthy herd have proven that I have made the perfect choice for my farm.     "

In June 2017, I have installed 12 72” Exhaust fans in my cross-ventilated dairy barn. These fans are operated in 3 individual groups by 3 different VFD’s, which are all connected to one climate computer. I wanted to make sure that I can cover air exchange and additional cooling depending on the requirements of my cows. In my previous setup, I had a lot of problems during warm & hot days. My cows were suffering from heat stress and it took 5 months to recover from those days. Through a dairy friend living in Wisconsin, I learned about cross-ventilated dairy barns. I am still glad, that I did my homework afterward and bought the GF fans from Topcool. Next, to a great product, I have experienced more revenues this summer. No milk loss, no calving issues, and a perfect healthy herd have proven that I have made the perfect choice for my farm.     

-Henk Scheper

Scheper farm, Netherlands

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