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The fine dust is the worst enemy of any breathing beings. It is responsible for carrying viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and pollen that attach themselves to these particles in the air.  To resolve this problem, we need negative ions; naturally, they are created shortly after a thunderstorm or near a waterfall. We can recreate those negative ions with the help of electrical semiconductor technology. 

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The ionization system takes on dust by charging them with negative ions, which make them attract to the floor or on the wall and eliminate them from the air. As for the viruses, they are a compound of molecules that are attached one to another, and when the air is charged with negative ions, it separates all the molecules from the viruses, and then one by one is getting charged with negative ions and fall to the floor. We can only find 5% left of the dust exposed to negative ions afterwards.



ionization process

create more than 6 000 000 negative ion cm3/s


We are certified by CE, CSA, UL, Rohs & TÜV

Ionization has an effect of electrifying the atmosphere while purifying the air, it purifies at least 30% to 50% of the air. The electrical charge of the atmosphere at any location on the earth's surface (aside from human factors) depends upon the productivity of these natural sources of ionization. The prevalence of either negative or positive ionization in any location will have an impact on the health of the animals, plants, and humans living in the area. The easiest way to experience natural ionization is while being at a beach resort or shortly after a thunderstorm. The air “smells” fresher and healthier. With now a fresh area, your livestock, plants or anything else exposed to negative ions will now be healthier, therefore will produce more and will reduce the disease, which is also beneficial for your farm or greenhouse. 


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no-ion petri dish.png

Petri dishes of

pathogens culture

Without exposition Ionization bar

Exposed to Ionization bar



  • Eliminate Odors

  • Do not produce ozone

  • Decrease your livestock needs for medication

  • Decrease the risk of depression for humans

  • Decrease of mold and pollen particles in the air

  • Decrease respiratory rate

  • Decrease basal metabolic rate

  • Decrease blood pressure that results in a lower risk of depression while producing a feeling of wellbeing

  • Decrease the risk of fatigue, illness, anxiety, and irritability

  • Decrease muscle chronaxie

  • Increased vital capacity

  • Increase ciliary activity

  • Increase of oxygen absorption

  • Increase frequency of mitosis

  • Increase resistance to infection

  • Suggested as therapy in chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, migraine, insomnia, tuberculosis, wound and burn healing, asthma, hay fever, emphysema, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, chlorine gas poisoning, preventing thromboembolism

Download Ionsavior here

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