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Poly 36 recirculation fan
Basket fan 36 recirculation fan
Jetfan 20 recirculation fan

These well-known fans are the engines that you will find in many barns all over the world. Over the past 20 years, these fans have earned their place in the dairy industry, poultry farms, factories, warehouses and many other sites. Our Light recirculation fans are an inexpensive solution for several applications. Their easy installation, perfect air distribution and versatile installation options, combined with a very affordable price, have made these fans one of our best-selling products. Next to a single-phase version, we also can offer a 3-phase version of these fans. They offer an energy saving solution doesn't sacrifice performance and quality.

How can Light Recirculation make a difference?

Rotors have been balanced to reduce noise, vibration and prolong life.  


For Poly and Jet fan, we add an extra layer of resin outside to give a smooth surface for easy maintenance and cleaning while giving more U.V protection.

Jetfan 20 prt_Right.png

Sizes available




Basket fan 36 recirculation fan

Download Basket Fan here




Poly fan 36 recirculation fan

Download Poly Fan here

Jetfan 20 recirculation fan




Download Jet Fan here

Accessories & Options

Make your fan unique, as you are

For our Basket Fan

  • We ship our fans fully assembled or K/D packing to save on freight cost



  • OSHA safety guards mean you can mount this fan at any height


  • Nylon or Zinc blades


  • Optional open guard style available



  • Optional pre-wired flexible cord (with a plug for 115v/60Hz)

For our PolyFan

  • Motor 1 phase or 3 phase  


  • OSHA safety guard

  • Thermally protection

  • Swivel mounting bracket for mounting to ceiling, post, wall


  • Nylon or Zinc blades

  • Misting pressure ring kit for greater cooling

For our Jet Fan


  • Motor 1/2HP or 1/3HP   

  • OSHA safety guard

  • Thermally protection

  • Swivel mounting bracket for mounting to ceiling, post, wall.

  • Misting pressure ring kit for greater cooling

  • Stainless motor base, guard, mounting bracket for a tough environment


What do real
farmers say?

"I was amazed by this"

''We started to work with Topcool initially with our lights. We also knew that we would have to do something with our ventilation. This spring, we have bought a couple of 3 phases 36” Basket fans. This was our preferred choice and best solution in our barn. All 6 fans are operated through the Topcool TFD-BAS frequency drives in combination with their THI control. Next, to the positive effect on my cows, these fans are producing hardly any noise. I was amazed by this. And also very important: it keeps my neighbours happy. '' 

-Peter van de Veen

Nijkerk, Netherlands

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