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Our LED lights is an innovation in the market. A light that can produce the full spectrum of light and diffuse it in your dairy barns. This light is an attractive substitute for regular lights; it's not only brighter, but more durable and better for your livestock as well. It keeps your dairy cows away from any stress, thanks to our frequency-free tube that has zero flickering. It will not only raise the milk production of a cow, but will also help it with its welfare, fertility and health. Our lights combined with our new ionization technology will work miracles.




Our lights reproduce the same benefits from the natural sunlight, and this is called the full-spectrum of light. A good light is necessary for a farm, and for livestock. Topcool's lights help stimulate hormones and the formation of vitamins D3. This effect improves the absorption of phosphorus and calcium. The livestock under our lights will grow faster, stronger and less prone to diseases. For greenhouses, our LED produce no frequency to ensure a better efficiency of the photosynthesis process.



Our new generation of LED-tubes ensures a better quality of production of your livestock or plants and its low maintenance. The lights are fully controllable, this helps to achieve the 16 hours minimum exposure to influences Liver gluconeogenesis and protein synthesis that supports the milk production and is increased by mammary cells.


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We build our lights without frequency to get a perfect light without flickers, therefore, reducing the stress and biting behavior.

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Our LED has the highest light output per Watt absorbed in the lighting industry while being


By exposing them to our full spectrum of light, you will be able to increase your milk production more than 10% and still save up to 75% on your next electrical bill. 

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