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Our High-Pressure Misting System shoots water mist into the air and is pushed by our fan,which result in a temperature reduction of the warm air zone by evaporation. This process will increase humidity while reducing the temperature. It is recommended for dry countries with low humidity level.




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Misting system is great to raise the humidity in the desired zone. It's currently used for greenhouses, farm purposes, and public spaces. Raising humidity for a dry environment helps the livestock's breathing.​It can reduce the temperature from 2° to 16°C (5° to 30°F) depending on the existing temperature and relative humidity. It's a great tool for dry areas and will result in cows producing more milk when you can reach the perfect temperature.


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Safety Features

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Inlet water filter

Topcool Misting System (hereafter as TMS) uses a 5-micron grade water filter to remove sediment, rust, and sand from all the water entering the pump which helps prevent pump and pipe corrosion as well as nozzle blockage.


Pulse hose

Standard configuration in TMS, pulse hose is a specially manufactured hose that will expand slightly to dissipate energy. The energy dissipation quality decreases momentary pressure spikes and makes a smooth flow and performance efficiency.


Low flow safety switch

Although misting pumps are designed to handle a certain range of water pressures, significant fluctuations in the water supply can cause severe damage to a pump. TMS uses a low flow safety switch which shuts off the system and prevents pump damage or failure due to low water supply or high system by-pass.


Double safety valve protection

All high-pressure misting pumps require some safety valve or regulator to balance the misting system's water pressure. We have both, a primary and a secondary safety valve installed for added protection in case the primary valve fails.


Electrical outage protection

All  the TMS have Solenoid valves that act as a switch to turn off the water in case there is an electrical outage.


Overheating protection

Our systems have Thermal relief valves that shut off electricity to the system when the pump is in danger of overheating. This can happen if a water supply is interrupted.


Low voltage protection

Misting pumps work within a certain range of electrical voltages, large fluctuations can damage it. Low voltage controls installed in TMS will protect the pump in case of "brownouts," "blackouts," or other causes of electricity fluctuations.


Pressure fluctuation protection

Pressure switches come in different ranges, like 30 to 50 psi or 2 to 4 bar. What that means is if the pressure of the water going into the system is too high or too low, the pump will shut off, preventing damage to the system. However, as long as the water pressure going into the system is within that range, it can run safely.


Built-in GFCI(Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)

GFCI feature is standard in our system. It shuts off the electricity and prevent electric shock.

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Accessories & Options
  • Stainless steel or brass nickel plated for the hardware


  • Includes integrating filter inside the mini-nozzle, the filter tube into the nozzle ensures that foreign matter and water scale won't block the spray orifice


  • The filter mesh uses SUS316 for durability


  • Anti-drip check valves nozzles which prevent dripping and weeping during pressurization and de­pressurization of the system

  • Nozzle location and quantity are configuring with your system


  • Standard flow rates 0.07Iiters/ min (in option available flow rates from 0.03 to 1.2Iiters/minutes)


  • Stainless pipe is available with base nozzles TIG welded (available on different length)


  • Stainless line integrate base nozzles 300 to 600mm center to center



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