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What is PANEL FAN?

The Panel Fan was one of the first ventilators to be created explicitly for livestock only. While improving them over the years, our Panel Fans have proven that we can rely on their efficiency. They provide a more uniform micro-climate in many livestock applications. Combining great air movement over a wide area with a very low noise production and energy consumption. They are a perfect choice for most dairy farms. Especially above single rows of beds, smaller and lower barns and close to robots.

How can PANEL FAN help me?

Panel fan 72'' Direct Drive


Ideal for tunnel or cross ventilated building or in areas where reducing heating costs is essential. 

Accessories & Options

panel fan 55 recirculation fan
Panel fan72 recirculation fan
Panel fan84 recirculation fan







  • All motors configurations in IE3 and IE4 are available


  • The entire fan can meet the electric regulation of CE, CSA and UL+ certification


  • Guards or supports material may be galvanized steel or SST 304 per customer request


  • Special brackets for numerous mounting options​

  • Available in Belt-drive and Direct-drive version

What Do Real Farmers Say?

"Best investment in years"

​"As summer temperatures in the Netherlands are becoming higher and longer every year, I had been looking to buy some fans earlier that year. Through my local electrical engineering company, I heard that Topcool Panel fans delivered a good job on removing heat stress effects from dairy cows. I visited two other farmers who have already installed the Topcool fans for about a year. After visiting their facilities and getting their feedback, I invested in these fans myself. I must say I should have done this 10 year ago already. What a difference in cooling and getting the cows to the feed rail. Best investment in years."  

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