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Cyclone fans had been designed initially almost 20 years ago to “break” the barrier where heavy cold air meets the lighter warm air in natural ventilated dairy barns. This problem occurs mainly in countries with freezing outside temperatures. During the summer season, this high-velocity ventilator offers the optimum cow cooling to resolve the expense that heat stress occurs. During the winter season at low speed, this innovative ventilator de-stratifies air inside the barn.

cyclone agromont 1.jpg

Panel Fan

The Panel Fan was one of the first ventilators to be created explicitly for livestock only. While improving them over the years, our Panel Fans have proven that we can rely on their efficiency. They provide a more uniform micro-climate in many livestock applications. Combining great air movement over a wide area with a very low noise production and energy consumption. They are a perfect choice for most dairy farms. Especially above single rows of beds, smaller and lower barns and close to robots.


Light Circulation

These well-known fans are the engines that you will find in many barns all over the world. Over the past 20 years, these fans have earned their place in the dairy industry, poultry farms, factories, warehouses and many other sites. Our Light recirculation fans are an inexpensive solution for several applications. Their easy installation, perfect air distribution and versatile installation options, combined with a very affordable price, have made these fans one of our best-selling products. Next to a single-phase version.

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