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Dealing with the heat stress in the summer won’t be a problem anymore with our effective soaking system.  Engineered to be water consumption efficient while discharging water on a 170° radius, it makes your cow fully wet. This system just has to soak them, and our fans will make the heat disappear. Now that your dairy cattle are heat stress-free, your milk production will be overflowing and it will basically pay itself back. The optimal temperature for a cow is under 20°. For keeping cows cool all year long, it is imperative to have a soaking system in your barn.



Topcool's Soaking System helps cows reduce their heat stress. Thanks to the large water droplets that are produced by the sprinklers, heat is absorbed and then evaporate with the help of mechanical ventilation.


After the water has evaporated, the cow's internal temperature can be reduced up to 70%. Droplets should be large enough so it can soak the skin of the cow and not make a micro-climate between it.

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How does soaking help?

Reducing heat stress is fundamental to get the best results from your livestock. If the temperature rises above 20°C (68°F), it will negatively affect your cows. Researches from Laval University have proven that the milk production of Heat-stressed cows will decline up to 35% per day. It will cause other negative impacts like their dry-matter intake will decrease and they will drink more water. Causing them to stand up more and lose resting time with is primordial for milk production. That's why having a soaking system is essential, especially in a hot area.

Heat stress causes a lot of problems like weight loss, fertility issues, milk loss, feed intake loss, and respiration rate rise. When all of the above occurs, it is not only bad for the cows, it is bad for business (2.2kg loss/cow). In the long run, these losses will be enormous, but it can be prevented by our efficient soaking system. 

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Get the soaking benefits into your farm,
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