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Our selection of motors is designed for farm environments and rated for years of trouble-free operation. Standard motors are totally enclosed with high efficiency. Each motor is fully tested for quality control. With a high-quality bearing system, these motors run longer and smoother.

permanent magnet motor Topmotion

Download PM motor here

Permanent Magnet Motors

Upgrade your motor to a PM to have all its advantages, like having the ability to customize the speed and get the full torque power at low speed. One of the major benefits that most of our customers likes, it is low energy consumption due to a gearbox and clutch free build.


When you choose a PM motor you have the choice to upgrade your fan to a direct drive option. Saves yourself from maintenance and risks with this alternative. It will eliminate all the extra belts and pulley that are required to operate a belt-driven fan



  • Our magnets are coated to be able to resist up to 155°C/ 311°F


  • Class F insulation system


  • IP54


  • Designed with 2 lip protection seals for the shaft with an extra bearing sealed


  • Extra steel wear rings on both ends, an oversized shaft & bearing to get the longest durability our PM motors


  • Need a drive to operate



Variable Frequency Drive

Our VFD is engineered to offer substantial advantages over traditional fixed speed fans. This IP67 engine is designed to be compact and easy to install without losing any of its functionality. By installing a VFD in your ventilation system, it will help you control the speed and torque of your motors.


Our drive can upgrade most AC, EC and PM motor system that is already installed, giving the possibility to everyone that wants to save on their energy bill. Likewise, adding our drive to your ventilation solution will extend the lifetime of your fans and reduce maintenance.



  • Using 50% of your motor's speed make your energy consumption go down to 12,50%.

  • Consume less than the average drive, it is better to put more VFD fans that aerate more and will still consume less energy than fewer fans that will work full power.

  • Depending on your country, efficiency tax incentives and utility rebates are available from your energy provider. Returns on your investment for a single VFD can be as little as 6 months.

  • Cold starts protection and electrical problems such as thermal overloads, over and under voltage, etc.

  • All our VFDs are IP67

  • Drastically reduce the sound produced by the fan

VFD topmotion

Download Drives here

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