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We design and manufacture a full range of ventilation and cooling equipment to help you build a successful dairy, swine, and poultry farm. Our products are high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective.

By understanding how much our customers invest and depend on equipment and performance, we are committed to delivering products in the most accessible and cost-effective way. We work side-by-side providing technical training and after-sales service to ensure the success of our customers’ business.

Our team of experts from all around the world have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of farming. We have served our customers with the passion of going above and beyond by creating successful ventilation and a better environment for animals and the farming community.

My love for ventilation started in 1996, where I started to design and manufacture products in North-America.


In 2007, I traveled around the world with the goal to develop suppliers and customers. After 4 years of obstacles and hardworking nights, I decided to set up my own manufacture of ventilation. The Topcool name comes mainly from my way of seeing things. I want to build a brand and a company that will be at the top of its market and for cool, well we do cooling ventilation. 


For many years, I learned a lot and Topcool is now nearly everywhere in the world. Our main focus as a company is to give a solution to each and everyone that come to us.  ​We're doing very well but we have a long way to go, ventilation is an enormous part of our society and few people actually know its benefits, we're here for that!

Francois Desautels

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